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Employment Forms

Employment Forms

We are excited to be working with you and look forward to providing the best possible service.

You will need to fill out the following forms for employment at Palmer Staffing Services. Please find your type of position below, and click to download the complete set of forms for your position as a PDF. If you cannot view the forms, you may need to update your Adobe Acrobat Reader.


Temporary and Temp-to-Hire Positions


Direct Hire Positions


Direct Deposit


Transit Benefits


I9 Tax Form 

W4 2021


Virginia Tax Form


Maryland Tax Form


DC Tax Form


Notice To Hire


KELLY Insurance Form


Instructions and Additional Information for All Forms

  • Application – Fill out completely and sign.
  • Reference Form – Please fill out three forms. They must be professional references, not personal or co-workers. We fax or email these forms so please include this information.
  • Confidentiality Form – Please read and sign.
  • Direct Deposit – Fill out completely and sign. »Download PDF
  • Transit Benefit – Please feel free to take advantage of this federal tax law benefit.
  • Temporary Policy Form – Please sign. By signing this form, it is understood that you have read the form completely. If you have questions, please ask your recruiter. A recruiter will discuss key points.
  • Temporary Assignment Form – This form educates us as to where you have done temporary assignments and assists in not duplicating your resume.
  • Tax Forms – Please complete the W4, I9 and appropriate local tax form for Virginia, Maryland or D.C.
  • Notice of Hire – Complete the Employee area of Section 1, the Employee Acknowledgement in Section 8, sign and date. An executed copy will be sent for your records for every assignment. »Download PDF
  • KELLY Insurance Form – Please complete the employee insurance election form. This form must be completed even if you are waiving the insurance. Employees waiving coverage should complete sections 1, 3, 5 (if applicable), and 6. »Download PDF
  • Typing Test Take the online typing test.
    Mandatory for secretarial, word processing and administrative positions.
    Preferred for general office support.